Louis Tomlinson’s birthday is pretty unfortunate – sorry, Larry shippers.

When that Vine of Louis Tomlinson saying he was gay emerged, we lost our cool. But, when we are wrong, we’ll put our hands up and yell “FALSE ALARM!”

Lots of versions of the Vine (many we are almost certain have been tampered with…) have flooded Twitter but we’ve found the original and undedited version…

In case you can’t hear, here’s the translation:

Random guy: We have the same birthday

Louis: Yeah, it’s pretty unfortunate, isn’t it?

Since there was so much babbling going on from excited fans and other people talking over one another, it’s understandable how “day” and “gay” sound the same. They do rhyme, after all. And with his birthday being on Christmas Eve, we can see why it’s unfortunate.

Sorry, Larry shippers, it’s just a false alarm.

We love Tommo no matter what his sexuality is. He could be an alien and we’d still want to marry him, tbh.

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