Louis Tomlinson… ‘I’m gay, it’s pretty unfortunate.’ Does he say it? Doesn’t he? We don’t bloody know.

It’s just been one of those weeks for Larry shippers hasn’t it? First the seedy joke in one of the Orlando Q&A videos and now this Vine has emerged…

Tyla who was staying in the same hotel as the 1 Dizzle boys in Australia also captured some other sneaky clips of the boys. Louis with drink in hand, seems to be being a little silly!

We’re praying to God we meet a drunk One Direction one day. If it’s true or false we don’t know but #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate has been trending worldwide for hours. The reactions are amazing.

So there we have it is this solid evidence of a Larry relationship? Or a little bit of drunken fun meant to throw the Internet into a frenzy? Does he even say ‘I’m gay’, WE JUST DON’T KNOW! We want to know what you think, give us a Tweet to @maximumpop

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