One Direction: When you think you have watched every video of them, and you discover another one… FT. Harry’s bun

Don’t you just love it when wonders such as this pop up out of nowhere. One Direction were promoting their current album ‘Four’ throughout America last year and we thought all the video footage has be shared.

We have never been so happy to be wrong. Get ready for a lot of English whit from Harry and his perfectly formed bun, some Irish charm from Mr Niall Horan and double trouble from Louis and Liam. The video also begs the question that fans have to ask a fair amount, where is Zayn?


The lads were in Orlando visiting a theme park, they took part in a Q&A and we have it here for you!

Harry opened up about his favourite ride ‘the dragon one’ if that’s what he’s calling Louis these days. We’re not sure, either that it’s a part of the Karma Sutra  we haven’t got to yet. We have NO CONTROL.

Okay we’ll stop.

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