Lottie Tomlinson just achieved one of our childhood dreams and got herself some mermaid hair

Lottie Tomlinson has pretty much been our hair goals for the past year, and now she once again raised our expectations for perfect hair by getting hers done in the prettiest shade of mermaid green.


She got it done by Tasha Spencer at Bleach London, and it’s a mix between Bleach’s Sea Punk and conditioner. We’re absolutely in love with it and want it now for ourselves.

bleach london sea punk

hiiii mermaid hair @tasher_spencer you are the BEST @bleachlondon xxx

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This isn’t the first time that Lottie pretty much slayed us with her gorgeous hair and its adventurous colours, like the rainbow roots or the silvery white that everyone fell in love with. We’re sure she’s going to bring about more hair trends this year as well.

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