Alex Brownsell from Bleach London’s hair predictions and inspo for 2016

Alex Brownsell, the stylist mastermind behind Lottie Tomlinson’s amazing locks and cofounder and owner of Bleach London, has shared her predictions for the hottest hair trends in 2016 with Teen Vogue. And since she and her team are veteran trendsetters, we’re confident that it’s safe to put your trust in her vision for the future.

Hello darkness, our old friend

According to Alex, icy blondes and pastel hues are going to be covered up by warmer tones and darker shades. Sounds like a trend that’ll be a little kinder to our split ends!

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Medieval meets the seventies

In a wild mashup, Alex says the marriage between medieval hairstyles (like Game of Thrones-esque braids) and big 70s textures will be the hottest hairstyle this year. #Medsev, anyone?

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Hair as a canvas

When asked to demonstrate a technique that tied together fashion and hair, Alex did what she does best and set a new trend. “I wanted to try and turn hair into a sort of fabric, so it felt right to be in the fashion department. After a few months of testing this out with fabrics, silks and patches, hair tapestry was born.”

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And Alex’s top hair advice for 2016? “If [the color]’s something you haven’t ever tried and it’s on your bucket list (which it should be), then it’s a good idea to try it asap. There are a lot of colors out there and not much time!”

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