QUIZ: Are you more likely to be BFFs with Lauren Jauregui or Perrie Edwards?

It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it

Lauren Jauregui and Perrie Edwards are both two amazing girls from two amazing girl bands. They’ve both got killer style and they’re woke AF. We couldn’t wish for better BFFs but which one would you get on better with? We have the answer below.

WHOA! Is Perrie Edwards pregnant with the first ever Little Mix baby? 

This act of kindness proves that Lauren Jauregui is an angel descended from heaven 

Take this quiz to find out if you would be BFFs with Lauren or Perrie! Also, don’t forget to add them on Snapchat to get updates on your new BFF! Don’t forget to let us know your results by tweeting us at @maximumpop.

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