17 of the internet’s most ridiculous (yet believable) fan theories about who murdered Riverdale’s Jason Blossom

Noooooo, please not Jughead!

There’s only one thing on our minds right now and that’s who the heck killed Riverdale‘s Jason Blossom?

Ever since the show landed on our Netflix homescreens, we’ve been completely hooked and who can blame us really?! It’s soooooo good!

Obvs, we need answers though. Are Betty and Polly’s parents behind the death of the beloved Blossom boy? Or was it Polly, herself? Ahhhhhh there are so many possibilities.

The good news is we don’t have to wait much longer to find out. Producers have confirmed that we’ll find out Jason’s killed before the end of season 1 and with only THREE more episodes left, things are going to get dramatic… FAST!

Here’s an officially-unofficial list of the people who could have killed Jason Blossom.

1. Betty and Polly’s parents

Betty and Polly’s parents (Mr and Mrs Cooper) definitely have a motive for Jason’s murder. They hated him, after all. But, we’ve gotta admit, it all seems a little TOO straightforward. Plus, Mrs Cooper already said outright that Betty’s Dad wouldn’t have the guts to kill someone.

2. Jughead

Noooooooooooooo! We refuse to believe it. Honestly guys, we love Jughead too much for him to turn out to be Jason’s killer – his broody emoness makes our hearts flutter.

BUT, Jughead IS writing a book about the murder – that sorta gives him a reason. Did he kill Jason just for a meaty storyline? We bloody hope not.

3. Cheryl

We can’t be the only ones who have noticed how weird Cheryl’s been acting since Jason’s death. Remember when she sliced a frog in half without even flinching? Ew. It’s all a little creepy for us.

Also, let’s not forget that Cheryl herself told Veronica how Jason got all the attention at home. People loved him. Maybe she was tired of living in his shadow?

If that wasn’t enough, then what was the last episode of Riverdale all about?! Violently scribbling over Archie and Polly’s faces in that photo? She sure is a hot head.

4. Jason and Cheryl’s parents

Speaking of Cheryl, we hate to say it but maybe the two were going all Lannister on us. The opening scene of them in the boat was sorta creepy for a brother and sister outing. Those loving gazes? The hand holding?

Some fans believe the pair were having an affair and maybe their parents killed Jason after finding out. It seems far fetched but we’re not ruling anything out at this stage.

5. Polly

That said, if Cheryl and Jason were together then maybe Polly killed him. She could have spotted the siblings and snapped? Or maybe she just snapped anyway?

6. Betty is Polly

This is where things are beginning to get a little strange. A few fans have come up with the theory that Betty could in fact be Polly.


Of course, this doesn’t really make any sense now we’ve seen Polly on screen…. very, very, very, pregnant. But, there’s no denying that Betty definitely has a split personality. She acts a little shifty at times and that hot tub scene where she called Chuck, Jason?

We’re not buying the whole “it was an accident” thing and neither is Chuck by the looks of it! Something strange is going on.

7. Betty’s split personality killed Jason

Expanding on Betty having a dual personality, it’s entirely possible that Betty killed Jason. Maybe she went into a fit of rage and didn’t know what she was doing. Especially after Polly got sent away. It would also explains why her parents stole the Sheriff’s evidence.

This seems the most popular theory circulating Tumblr, at the minute. We’re also sad to point out that some fans believe it SO much that they’re convinced that when people find out Betty is Jason’s killer, Jughead is going to take the blame. WHAT.

8. Miss Grundy

Hmmm, now this one’s tricky because Miss Grundy has obviously left the show. But, we can’t help but think her story is far from over. If Miss Grundy was “tutoring” other pupils like Jason, perhaps he found out what her secret past was.

Maybe things didn’t add up and he was going to reveal whatever she’s trying to hide. BAM. Miss Grundy could be the killer.

9. Miss Grundy’s husband

But, if Miss Grundy’s story does add up and it’s actually true (she did have an abusive ex-husband) some people think that it was him who killed Jason – thinking it was Archie.

Of course, this doesn’t quite explain why the mystery killer would torture Jason for a week. Surely they would have realised they kidnapped the wrong guy by then?

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10. Someone’s out to get Archie

Either way, the similarities between Jason and Archie are too much. The same red hair? The same football jacket? Even Betty said the two look alike.

11. Ethel

She constantly got tortured by Chuck, Jason and the rest of the football team, it gives her a good reason.

12. Jughead’s dad


He also has a gun and a top secret plan going on. Is anyone else a little freaked out by this?

Don’t forget, Jughead’s dad is a Southside Serpent. If Jason owed him money for the drugs he had stashed in his car then Jughead’s dad might have killed him.

13. Theres more than one killer

There could be more than one killer?! OMG, we didn’t even think about that.

14. The Lodges

We know there’s rivalry between the Blossoms and the Lodges? Why were the Blossoms’ paying Hiram money?!

15. Kevin


People are claiming Kevin killed Jason because he’s ‘too nice’. He’s also dating(?) a Southside Serpent, so obvs has a ‘bad streak’. Ummmm, sorry but NO. We’re not buying this one.

Plus, we’re sorta hating on that Southside Serpent dude for messing with Kevin’s feelings, right now.

16. Archie’s dad

Again, this is a very random theory that makes NO sense. The internet is basically going mental over the fact that Archie’s dad can’t be trusted after what happened with Jughead’s dad.

That doesn’t make him a murderer though, surely?!

17. Zombies

WTF?! So bear with us on this one. One of the showrunners (Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa) wrote ‘Afterlife with Archie’, which (you guessed it) involves a zombie apocalypse.

Reddit users are also pointing out that Cheryl dreamt about a Jason as a zombie. She also said that her brother was “supposed to come back”. Errrr, we’re not sure if he’s a zombie or just… er…. dead, but whatever floats your boat.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist that one. Too soon?

So, what do you think? Vote for your favourite fan theory below. If it’s not on the poll, please leave a comment telling us about it! We’d love NEED to know.

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