QUIZ: Which character from ‘Riverdale’ are you based on your burger preferences?

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Welcome to Riverdale, the town with PEP! They’ve got spirit, let’s hear it! Oh yeah, and a corpse with a bullet hole between the eyes. And enough guilt to last for days, or months, or years.

The mystery and intrigue runs as deep as the lake they dragged the dead kid out of. But if you haven’t jumped on the ‘Riverdale’ fanwagon, we won’t say much more. What we will say is that they spend a healthy amount of time in the diner.

So place your order, your burger choices will tell us things. 

Are you a basic Betty, or a vixen Veronica? Are you sneaking around in the dark (Archie, we’re looking at you), or insufferably tenacious like Cheryl?

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You look like a Jughead to us, one step ahead, in the know, a lot more clued up compared to the rest of your compardres… But maybe we’re wrong.

All you have to do is tell us how you feel about extra cheese and pickles and we’ll match you right.

Who did you get? Are you happy with the result? Tell us in the comments!

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