THIS critically acclaimed author is releasing an INCREDIBLE YA novel about love, sex and movie clichés!

October better hurry up!

It’s no secret that we’re mahooosive Holly Bourne fans here at Maximum Pop! We’re in love with her ‘Spinster Club’ series. In fact, if you ask us, it’s a modern classic that should be read time and time again!

Well good news guys because Holly has a brand new book coming out! Yep, that’s right. Get excited.

The novel’s called ‘It Only Happens in the Movies’ and it’s a gripping tale that tackles universal issues such as, love, sex, divorce and depression.

The cover looks like this…

Ugh, how gorgeous!

In ‘It Only Happens in the Movies’, main character, Audrey is soooooo OVER love. Her parents are divorced and Audrey’s taken a job at an independent cinema to get away from the family drama.

At the cinema, she meets film maker, Harry, and the two quickly fall in love. Things aren’t easy, though. Their romance features pain, confusion, hope, and… er…. Zombies.

Like the sound of it? Well, you can read the first chapter for free HERE.

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Of course, we’re super excited about the release. It’s out 5th October and we’ve been counting down the days till it drops.

You guys have also been buzzing about it on Twitter.

Us too!


We’re so excited

A girl after our own heart.


Now, please! Now, please! Now, please!

Let us know your favourite Holly Bourne book in the comments below. You can pre-order ‘It Only Happens In The Movies’ here.

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