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QUIZ: Can you tell the difference between Mean Girls quotes and Holly Bourne book quotes?

So fetch!

OMG, it’s SUCH a good month to be a bookworm – all the greatest YA announcements are happening at the minute and we sooooooooo excited.

First up, we have the amazing flipping incredible news that our fave film, Mean Girls, is being turned into a novel. Yep, you heard us, bibliophiles!

Cady Heron and all the Plastics can soon sit comfortably on your bookshelf next to all your other epic YA reads.


The book is by Micol Ostow and based on the screenplay by Tina Fey. Ugh, what more could you ask for? A preview? Well fret not, we SO have you covered. Entertainment Weekly have posted an exclusive extract from the novel.

“This is your lunch in here, okay?” Dad was saying in his don’t-frighten-the-newborn-cubs tone. He held out a brown paper bag. “And I put a dollar in there for you to buy some milk. One of the older kids can show you where to do that.”

They’ve also revealed the cover! It looks like this and tbh it’s only making us more excited for the 12th September release.

*Violently taps pre-order!*

If that wasn’t enough for you, then Maximum Pop! recently caught up with one of our other fave YA authors, Holly Bourne.

She’s the mastermind behind ‘The Normal Series’, ‘Soulmates’ and so many more amazing reads, but you already knew that, didn’t ya?!

Holly exclusively revealed to us the title and plot of her new book. Obvs, we recorded the whole get together for Facebook Live and you can see what she has to say in the video below.

‘It Only Happens In The Movies’ sounds amazing, right?! SO amazing, that we’ve created a fun little quiz for us all to play. Can you tell the difference between Mean Girls quotes and Holly Bourne* book quotes? Let’s see!

* Btw gals and guys, we’ve used Holly’s quotes from both ‘The Normal Series’ and ‘Soulmates’, it makes it slightly tricker but we reckon you’ll ace it anyway.

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How did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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