We found out what weird face treatments Harry Styles uses for his face. Maybe.

As we’ve recently told you, the ultimate boyband babe, Harry Styles, reportedly uses sheep placenta as part of his skin care treatment. Back last year, there were other reports that Harold also uses bird poop to treat his acne. We’ve managed to find out exclusive information of Harry’s top 10 facial treatments that he likes to use to keep his cute little face in top top shape.

1. Goat milk moisturiser 

Harry Styles Goat

Harry likes to use a goat milk based moisturiser which is a thick paste mixed with crushed lavender petals. This makes the skin soften and balances the moistures and oils in Harry’s face. It also smells really nice and it has been reported from people who have met Harry that he does in fact smell slightly of lavender. Have a sniff if you ever get to meet him.

2. Cow sputum cleanser

Harry Styles cow

Cow sputum (also known as spit) is the best kept secret ingredient  for the best cleanser and is only used on people who can afford the product. The sputum formed by cow’s after the grass they eat creates the perfect chemicals that give the best effects when cleansing your face.

3. Koala vomit facial

Harry koala

This is a newly created formula and is exclusive to the dermatologist that Harry visits in Beverly Hills (along with Simon Cowell and Posh & Becks) where the koala vomit is a thick ingredient which  softens the skin while the chemicals work on tightening pores. And that’s how Harry’s skin is so porefect. Sorry.

4. Unicorn snot scrub

Harry unicorn

Harry is quite fond of the unicorn snot scrub as it cleans the skin  and prevents any blackheads.

5. Elephant manure face mask

Harry elephant

The fibres in the elephant poo is actually great for facial skin and helps prevents breakouts and is applied twice a day. This is why Harry takes a separate tour bus to the boys as the lads complain about the smell. Beauty is pain, guys.

And that, friends, is Harry’s favourite skin care products. You can find the link to purchase them here.  Slightly expensive but if you want skin as amazing as Harry’s, then it’s definitely worth spending!

What do you think? Should Harry be sticking to more basic products? What skin care do you recommend he uses? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s discuss this highly important topic.

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