Harry Styles goes for baaaahhh-rilliant facials appaz.

Ah popstars and their crazy obsessions. You might find this one a bit yucky, though.

Our lovely Harold likes to take care of his skin and recently his dermatologist spilled the beans on his treatments. He totally has a chocolate face mask with cucumbers on his eyes, right? Well…

According to Louise Deschamps who works at Dr. Harold Lancer’s Beverly Hills clinic (the place Harry goes to) he has a sheep placenta facial. Ummm, ew?! Apparently it takes 90 minutes to complete and it sees sheep placenta cells frozen and mixed into a gel containing flecks of gold.

Ellen Degeneres

Louise told Grazia:

“Harry comes to see me. It’s not unusual for young men to come to me.

“He gets all clogged up. Putting on make-up all the time and travelling plays havoc with his skin. He’s so adorable.

“He takes care of himself and loves the facials. He likes to look good and have good skin.”

Now we do love a man who takes care of himself, but a sheep’s placenta? Maybe he should try Dermalogica’s Clear Start kit. We think it works pretty well.

What do you think? Find it weird? Don’t care? If we get to snog him, we’ll try to wipe his face with a wet wipe first, just to be sure. Tweet us your thoughts to @maximumpop.

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