You WON’T BELIEVE how much Harry Styles’ ‘Sign Of The Times’ outfit costs

Harold’s a pretty fancy bloke

There’s no use denying it, Harold’s a pretty fancy bloke. You only have to take a look at his array of colourful suits and love for Gucci to see that. Hubba, hubba!

You won’t believe how much Harry’s outfit for ‘Sign Of The Times’ cost, though. Strewth! Let’s just say you could buy a lot of tickets to his solo tour with it.

In fact, you could buy 114 tickets, to be exact. One for your mum, your dad and… you know… half the neighbours that live down the road – no biggie.

Of course, the chances are Harry has probably been gifted some of these items of clothing. When you’re part of one of the biggest bands in the world, there’s gotta be some perks, right?

In the video Harry’s wearing a wool coat by his fave, Gucci.

Obvs, it looks fancy as hell and has an equally fancy price tag at £2,110. Yikes.

Under the coat, Haz is donning a cable knit jumper that’s similar to this one from Burberry.

It costs £550 and for that price we hope it’s pretty darn snuggly.

Harry loves skinny jeans and is probs wearing a really posh pair.

He looks like a Saint Laurent guy, so we’re gonna guess he’s rocking the designer’s skinny fit ones, which cost £415.

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Completing the look is a pair of Gucci chelsea boots. Jeez, that boy loves his Gucci.

They cost $1,200, which is around about £929.00.

So all together that comes to £4004.00.

Told, you Harry was fancy!

Now, we’re not going to judge. When you’re rich and famous, we highly doubt you have to worry about what you spend your money on.

But, let’s be truthful here, Harry could have spent £4004.00 on some pretty cool things.

He could have bought 4,448 packs of bananas from Tesco…

The boy loves his bananas!

400 copies of his pal Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘÷’

Mates supporting mates, after all.

4 super posh Scrabble boards…

We’re not too sure way you would want to spend £995 on a Scrabble board but, either way, Haz could have bought 4 of ’em.

114 karaoke machines

Hey, perhaps he could give one or two to his pal, James Corden for Carpool Karaoke!

36 Hawaiian shirts…

To be fair, he probs already owns this one, but whatever.

500 bottles of his own perfume

Eh, why not?! That’s a life supply – we’d totally buy that many.

What would you spend £4,004 on? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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