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Justin Bieber’s best mate Halsey has covered ‘Love Yourself’. It’s like ‘Love Yourself’ 2.0

No one can get enough of Bieber lately, everyone and their mum is covering one of his tracks right now and a popular favourite is ‘Love Yourself.’tumblr_o17nh11j4r1ujrgmpo1_500

Craig David got in on the action, covering it in the Live Lounge, The Vamps had a bloody good go and now another one of our favs Halsey has done her take on the song.

Halsey made he her debut on ‘triple J’ performing the cover, and what a debut, she gave some serious bite to the song by changing ‘love’ to ‘f*ck’. Norti.


We are pretty sure Biebs would approve of his mate Halsey’s cover of his hit, after all he did put her on the album didn’t he!

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