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4 Times Justin Bieber’s brand new ponytail looked like someone else.

So word on the street is Biebs has got a pony, and we aren’t talking about a horse. Nope Justin has a ponytail, just like our fav Harry Styles, Biebs is now also sporting the man ponytail.


JB’s platinum pony has him looking fitter than ever but we can’t help but notice he reminds us of a few people…

1. At first glance, his new do paired with his cute ass face led up in the train of thought of our fav Pokemon, Pikachu…tumblr_lmpg9jl57d1qfeod9.0

2. Then we looked a little closer and it was obvious, he’s the candle stick out of Beauty and The Beast…tumblr_static_8lkdhtx0wscg8ow8g8ck0c0gk

3. Then we stopped being silly and saw a resemblance so much more controversial… Dare we say it, he is soon to be Legolas… We know this is touchy ground as Orlando and Justin aren’t exactly BFFS, but the hair wants what the hair wants.tumblr_mzdjwzSjHh1s2yy36o1_500

4. And then we realised he has completely bypassed Draco Malfoy to go straight for Legolas…


Who knows what the inspiration actually was for the pineapple resting upon that beauty head, we don’t care, we just want to touch it.

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