All the goss from Fifth Harmony’s ‘Reflection’ tour! – Part 2

Kery from @5HUKDaily gives you all the goss from Fifth Harmony’s first amazing show from ‘Reflection’ tour!

Don’t know what we’re on about? Read part 1 of Fifth Harmony’s epic first gig here.

What’s a concert with out a cover, mhm? The girls then go onto perform ‘Take Me To Church’, and my oh my their vocals are on point, well we’d talk about it but why not just show you?

Then they went on to perform the beloved ‘We Know’, showing just how good their vocals are in this small slow set, which also gave them time to rest from all that dancing they did.

Okay now we gotta give it up for these girls they did a MARIAH MEDLEY along side their song ‘Like Mariah’. These girls have thrown it out of the park when we heard the Mariah Medley we were just blown away and how good it was and how they incorparated their song in with Mariah’s, though their song ‘Like Mariah’ sampled ‘Always Be My Baby’ by MARIAH herself. Near the end the girls do a little dance off during Tyga’s part showing just how well they can move.

The girls then go onto perform a new song ‘Everlasting Love’, the girls just chill out on those steps before going near the crowd, though chilling on those steps made them look like their job is easy as pie getting those notes on point.

The girls then move onto yet another NEW song from the album, ‘Top Down’, this was fun to watch a car came onto the stage and the girls had a little music off, playing some of their favourite songs which included Beyonce, The 1975, JLO, One Direction and one other one which we cannot name due to the fact we cannot make out the song. Then they went in and started to perform ‘Top Down’, using that car wisely during the performance, and getting the crowd involved.

Then we move onto ‘This Is How We Roll’, it was deffo a party when they had the crowd put their hands up and rave out to the song, which you can deffo do with the song. Camila changed her high note during the end which made us jaw drop, it was so good. Then they brought out some streamers and then went and down a huge dance number which was E.P.I.C

Then they moved onto what we’ve seen a dozen times, esepcially on X Factor, yup ‘BO$$’ nothing really changed, just what we’ve seen in other performances really.

And last but not least they performed ‘Brave Honest Beautiful’, they invited some cute fans onto the stage but before they came back a beautiful intro to introduce the song, making everyone feel beautiful and loved, it was just magical. We’d talk about it but why not listen to it? Oh did we mention Lauren sings Meghan’s part?

And that would be the end of the show. Oh how we wish it would come to the UK, we’d love to witness it all in person.

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