We asked the best One Direction fan accounts their thoughts about Zayn Malik’s departure. It’s even more heartbreaking.

“He is unconditionally loved by many”

Unless you’ve been living as an hermit you’ve heard the saddest news, the owner of high notes and our God, Zayn Malik has left One Direction.

We’re still in a melt-down mode, non-stop tears. We’re blasting One Direction’s discography in our office to relieve the ZaynPain but this is drowning us. It’ll never be the same again.

To feel a little bit better we spoke to some of the biggest 1D fan accounts and asked them to share their thoughts, feelings and whatever they wanted to share with us after the saddest announcement ever.

@1Direction_X The band are going to stick together, definitely. We’re not sure what Zayn will do – maybe some solo work in the future?

@1DArmySpain I think this is the beggining of the end for One Direction. Really hope they still with the band as always. Zayn need a break, he’s going to be missing for a long time.

@1DfactsOMG I think Zayn needs time for him. He’s really so confused. I hope he takes the time he needs and maybe he could come back…

@1DUpdatesR_Us I guess I don’t think Zayn leaving signals the end of the band, for now at least… The other boys seem ok to carry on for now but I’m not sure how long that’ll last, especially as Louis was so close to Zayn and might end up wanting to leave too… As for what Zayn might do next: I have no idea, but I’m guessing that for now at least he’s just going to live his life. I can’t see him getting a normal job, like a teacher or something, but I also don’t think he’ll be going for a solo career… Zayn said he was leaving was because he wanted to be a normal 22 year old so he won’t be going back to the music industry for a long while, if ever. I seriously just can’t believe it, I just can’t accept it even though I know it’s true… :/ Things are never gonna be the same again. I can’t even imagine how difficult that decision must’ve been… Or how difficult it is for the other boys to be without him now…

@1DAlertWW Zayn has always been the one in the band who liked his privacy and alone time. I think a lot of us saw this coming, but not this soon. He always handled the fame and invasion of privacy well, but I guess the recent rumors surfacing the media was the last straw for him. Hopefully he will still be able to see and meet up with the rest of the One Direction boys in the future, but as of right now I think it would be best if he just stayed with his family and became a normal, insanely talented and good looking young man. We’re all so devastated to hear this news, but if we truly cared and loved Zayn like we say we do, then we would understand. He is unconditionally love by many, and if this is what makes him happy, then we are happy too.

@1DirectionGR I don’t think the band will break any time soon but nothing will EVER be the same without Zayn. The boys will work even harder now but for me One Direction consists of 5 members. I respect his decision and I hope he’s happy but it’s really difficult for us including the boys so yeah, the rest of the boys will keep going but, even if I don’t want to believe it they’ll end sooner than expected without Zayn. And Zayn will get married and keep recording music (the kind of music he loves) but nothing that included a lot of spot lights cause that’s the reason he left the band anyway. But I’m proud. He chose happiness and dealt with the problem by solving it. He is such a strong man.

@Wheres1D Honestly, I’ve always had a feeling that this will be their last tour for a while. It was such a rushed transition from WWAT to OTRA! I’m so sad that Zayn alone left the band but I don’t think it really signals anything for the others. It, ofcourse, won’t be or feel the same without him & I don’t doubt that the other boys are having second thoughts about everything. As for Zayn, I think he’ll take a break for a while then go solo.

@1DwwaupdatesWW I think that we need to send support to them. The boys are hurting just like us, but we need to reassure Zayn that we always will be there This our opinion on Zayn leaving and we will continue to support him always no matter what happens for him. We love him and for the rest of the boys, we will continue to support them wherever they go! And Zayn will be taking some time off until things calm down as well. It’s insane. It’s so difficult but we support him and know he wasn’t completely enjoying the light anymore. We will still continue to support.

@1DWWATUpdates I don’t think it’s the end of One Direction, I think after the tour they’ll take some time off to figure everything out, but I’m not sure how long they have left. Zayn will most likely rest and collect himself, but I don’t believe he’ll stop making music, I think he’ll do work with music again, maybe with some of his pals later in the future, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

@OneDirectionSP I’m a bit in shock atm so I’m not sure. I think they will finish this tour and maybe record another album, and then go on an extended hiatus.

@the1Dscene Definitely think they’ll finish tour, but once that’s done maybe they’ll all take a break! Zayn will probably lay low and just enjoy normal life now. It sucks but it was just the next thing I guess.

@1D_DailyNews No the boys will carry on with the tour, they know we couldn’t handle all of them leaving. I think as much as the fandom wants to think the band is going to continue, there’s a chance it might be ending soon… They’ll carry on with just the 4 of them and produce even better music in honour of Zayn.

@1DUpdatesWWBE I think the other boys will do what they can to keep the band at the top. It will be weird but they will do an amazing job. He’ll probably take a while off, get married, maybe start a family. But I’m sure we’ll still see him doing charity things, supporting the others and maybe he’ll do something with his talent in art. We’ll see what the future brings :)

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