Take a tour around Embassy Row with Noah and Grace from Ally Carter’s hit series

‘See How They Run’ is the newest book in Ally Carter’s Embassy Row series and we at MP! cannot stop fawning over it. But there are still some of you out there who haven’t delved into this fantastic world yet, so we’ve prepared a short guided tour to whet your appetite.

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Has everyone got comfy footwear? This will be a walking tour around the ‘fictional’ city of Valancia, Adria, courtesy of protagonist Grace’s ‘best friend’ Noah. Some imagination required.

It’s dark, the dead of night and gangly Noah smuggles you out into the quiet streets to show you around. Please try to ignore Grace’s less-than-enthusiastic reactions. She’s seen it all before. *eye roll*

“This is Embassy Row… named for all the rows of embassies that line the street.”


“Newcomers to the city are often fascinated to learn that Valancia is actually laid out like a giant circle, ringed by the ancient wall that has protected our fair city from intruders for more than seven centuries.”

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“Embassy Row actually lies on the outer perimeter of the city circle, with many of the properties backing up against the wall itself.”

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“After the end of the First World War…homes were gradually bought up by the various nations with whom diplomatic relations in Adria are oh so important.”

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“Forty-seven in all – and that’s just on the row. There are other, smaller embassies and consulates within the city…Each embassy is the sovereign ground of the country it represents. Each country is sacred.”

Naoh takes you off the beaten path. Through the undergrowth, towards the sea. You can hear it. And then music. Be ready to push through those branches:

“Welcome to the secret side of Embassy Row…”

amy adams

Aaand unfortunately that’s where our tour comes to an end. To find out more you’ll have to eat the book like the rest of us!

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