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This picture of Ed Sheeran dressed up as Ron Weasley proves that they’re the next best ginger wizarding duo after Fred and George

Mischief managed!

God bless the internet. What could be better than seeing one of our fave hit-makers dressing up as one of our fave spell-casters?

The answer is “nothing”. There is nothing better than seeing Ed Sheeran embracing his inner Weasley. It’s about time.

We’re not even sure your fangirling heart can handle this, but we’re giving it to you anyway. It’s just the icing on the Ed+Rupert cake that has been baking these last few days.

First we watched as Rupert recited one of Ed’s songs in a way so dramatic it’ll make you shake (with laughter).

Then Rupert appeared on MTV to reveal that Ed Sheeran was just a character he made up. He “bought a guitar and a bunch of flannel” and that was that:

Naturally Ed took it all in his stride:

And now, lads and lasses, we give you the stuff dreams are made of:

As Ron might say, “BLIMEY!”

And you know what they say about quidditch players… He’s a Keeper! (Harry Potter joke. #sorrynotsorry)

Hands up if you want to see more from this devilishly dynamic duo!

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