Maximum Pop! is now delivering 1,000,000 monthly unique users and has over 500,000 Facebook likes across Maximum Pop! and Fangirl Issues.

We receive 250 PR content pitches a week and publish less than 40 articles a week. Over 80% of these articles are proactively sourced by our writing team.

If you have a personalised pitch for us to consider that is highly (and normally exclusively) relevant to an audience of 14-19 year olds around pop and internet culture, or real-life issues, please contact us.

Please note: we rarely cover song, book or film reviews, or event previews and events we do not attend.

We are looking for exclusive opportunities that allow us to create exciting, challenging, informative, hilarious or important content for our users. 

Please do no contact us if not relevant, and do not add our email addresses to mailing lists. We will report your email for spam.

We review all pitches from PRs, partners and our writing team each Monday and will let you know if are covering your story by the end of the day. We will sometimes let you know if we are not covering your story, but because of the number of requests this is often not the case.

Press releases should be sent to [email protected] This inbox will be reviewed twice a week.






The Maximum Pop! team is formed of 11 people distributed across the globe – working from coffee shops, shared workspaces and under their comfy blankets. If you would like to send something to a team member, please contact the relevant person for their postal address, or the site’s Publisher Olly.