The year is 2016.

The world is about to tumble into a massive spiral of doom whose lasting, dementor-esque effect will be felt for centuries after.

People look to Maximum Pop! for guidance and, despite knowing that between Brexit and Trump we have our work cut out for us, we decide to try our hardest to improve the quality of life for fangirls the world over.

We decided to turn ourselves into all conquering techno-wizards, building 3 brand new products in just 6 months which are specifically designed for YOU.

Each project was to be super-slick and sexy in design with a super fast load time and constant improvements and developments being introduced to make the user experience second to none.

The world looked on in awe as their prayers were answered.

Maximum Pop! Labs have landed…

Maximum Pop! Labs

Labs 1: Snapchat Directory

So Snapchat is one of the best things to happen to the planet right?

Yeah we totally agree. We love feeling like our faves’ BFF and getting to know their little quirks.

But one massive issue is knowing what sneaky Snapchat pseudonym your fave goes by. It’s not all that obvious, especially when your fave goes by a mysterious moniker like TeddysDayToday (who the hell could that be!?)

That’s where the Snapchat Directory comes in.

The SD was our first Labs project launched back in April 2016 and lists over 5,000 of your fave pop stars, authors, actors and many more. You can find your idol’s Snapchat username within nanoseconds, and now over 140,000 of you do each month!

Pretty ace if we do say so ourselves!


Labs 2: Fan Projects

Fan projects are one of the best ways to get closer to your fave artist!

In September 2016 we decided to help facilitate the fangirling cause by creating the Fan Projects website where you can discover the best worldwide projects supporting the artists you love. You join them, share them with friends, and work with other fans to create amazing moments that your fandom and your favourite artists will remember forever.

Sign up for the Fan Projects website here.

fan projects

Labs 3: MP! Events

Ever find that you’re missing loads of your favourite pop events? Sick of wishing you’d had the chance to see T Swizzle or Biebs when they were in your hood?

That’s over. That’s cancelled.

Now you can find all the best upcoming pop events on the MP! Events website.

Labs 4: MP! Book Events

But maybe pop events aren’t your thing? Maybe you’re a little more obsessed with authors. That’s fine ’cause we’ve got that covered too.

Never miss a book signing, book club meeting or launch with the all singing all dancing MP! Book Events website.

Labs 5: Text Me 5SOS

Get FREE text message warnings when 5SOS are on TV, radio, online, or on stage. You’ll know more about them than their own mums. Sign up here!