Nudity Alert: Our 7 favourite Chris Mears naked Instagram snaps

We are loving Chris Mears here at MP! HQ at the moment. Not only is he an incredible diver but he’s launching his music career soon and going by his remix of One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’, he is going to be big. Check out our interview with him here.

However we do also like a bit of eye candy… So we have put together our seven favourite naked snaps he has posted on social media, because why not? Life is short and we love abs. All pictures are taken from Chris’ Instagram page.

1. The ‘I’ve Just Cooked A Meal’ Snap
chris mears 7

Professional diver, upcoming musician, and now chef by the looks of it. We start off our list with this lovely snap of Chris in a kitchen…We wonder what he was cooking?

2.  The ‘Get Everyone Hot and Flustered’ Snapchris mears 6

We are going to add to our previous post. Professional diver, upcoming musician, chef and model! We’re up for a 2015 Chris Mears calendar, anyone else with us on this one?


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3.  The ‘Flash The Armpits’ Snapchris mears 5

A nice little pic we have here of our Chris flashing his armpit hair to us. Nonetheless he still looks as good as ever.

4.  The ‘I’m Eating A Doughnut Naked’ Snapchris mears 4

We’re starting to wonder if he ever has any clothes on… However we don’t mind as this picture has doughnuts and Chris Mears in it, what more could anyone want?

5.  The ‘James Bond’ snapchris mears 3

We are gonna go out and say it. Chris for the next James Bond. It can’t be thaaaaat hard to dive, create music and act. Easy peasy. Or alternatively, please invite us on your next holiday.

6.  The ‘I Don’t ******* Care’ snapchris mears 2

We are getting Cheryl vibes from this pic with Chris’ don’t care attitude. We don’t mind though – we kind of like a bit of bad boy Chris… keep it up.

7.  The ‘Merry Chrismears’ snapchris mears 1

Seeing as Christmas is coming up we thought this one would be appropriate enough. We are also loving ‘Chrismears’ and wish we could have come up with it first – damn!

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