Jade shade! Little Mix star ends Zayn in the most hilarious way possible

Anyone thirsty for some tea?

Gosh Zayn is having a bad week! Little Mix were quiet on the whole Perrie/Zayn breakup for a long time but it seems like the lid has well and truly been lifted now.

You’ll all doubtlessly remember Zayn’s now iconic dance routine at ‘X Factor’ bootcamp, right? Well, Jade performed it to the sound of Little Mix’s new single ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ and we are actually crying with laughter. In fact, it’s funnier than our Little Mix quizzes! Take a look, bring tissues.

Save us. We’re dying.

And now Jade has thrown some serious shade in one direction… Zayn’s direction ofc! This video of her imitating Zayn’s bootcamp dance was taken on their official Snapchat earlier.

What do you think? Is this one of your fave moments of 2016 or do you think Jady is being too shady?  Let us know using the comments box below. You can also play our brand new Little Mix quizzes. They’re all kinds of amazing!

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You can play heaps more Little Mix quizzes by clicking here. There’s 94 in total and they’ll have you loling for days. Make sure you show them to your Mixer pals and spread the fun!

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