8 reasons Cell 7 needs bumped up your TBR

Arrested for a murder she may or may have not committed, and then her time on death row is broadcast for the nation to decide her fate? Yeesh!


Kerry Drewery’s ‘Cell 7’ is a must-read. A simple enough statement, but do you believe us? You should. But just in case you need a tad more persuasion, here’s some actual legit reasons:

1. The concept – This is like reality TV on steroids. Imagine if instead of X Factor on a Saturday night we instead watched a TV show where YOUR VOTE decided whether someone met the death penalty or not.


2. Gripping! – It will keep you locked in from page one, to done. For real. It becomes very much like binge watching a thrilling show on the tellybox. You’ll just HAVE to know what happens after every turn of the page.


3. Case closed? – The “did she or didn’t she?” question hangs over the entirety of the book and doesn’t give the game away at all until it’s good and ready. You might think you know, but you probs don’t.


4. Think piece – The themes within this book give you much to ponder over, actually. Stuff like the justice system as it is now, the rights of prisoners, the death penalty, and the whole “eye for an eye” mentality. Plus there’s much to think about when it comes to reality TV culture.


5. Setting – It’s actually really interesting to find out how each of the cells change with each day. Seven cells, and on the seventh day? Yep. Death. Maybe. (Definitely).


6. The characters! – There are literally no duds in this book. The cast of characters are well fleshed out and compelling in their own rights. Maybe Martha can be a little hard to truly empathise with sometimes but that’s because she knows the secret we don’t!


7. Form – The way this book is written is a lot of fun. Mixing a script style for the TV presenters’ parts with a more standard classic storytelling mode for the rest. The switch up is cool to read.


8. The end – You gotta stick this one out til the end because it’s one HECK of an finale.


Explosive. Exciting. Unforgettable.

It’s a clever write, that’s for sure. And if we’ve managed to convince you and you want to secure your copy, you can do so right here.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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