Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: Ava

We’re back with another episode of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ this week, and it gets pretty crazy.


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for S3 E8

It’s the run up to Thanksgiving and there is a pregnant Sharon in the precinct, waiting for Terry so they can head out for their last pre-baby weekend. Except Sharon’s waters break.

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Now Sharon’s waters have broken, Jake is put in charge of making her comfortable.

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Whilst that was happening, there was an internet shortage at the precinct, resulting in Amy and Charles doing all the paperwork by hand.2 3 4 5 6

Jake does everything he can to make sure Sharon is doing okay, including kicking people out of rooms, making sure Holt stays away and getting Gina involved.


To add even more craziness to the episode, we meet Holt’s ex-boyfriend, Fredrick (played by the amazing Nick Offerman) who comes to check on Sharon as he is an OBGYN.

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Many obstacles are in the way of Terry getting to Sharon, including an interrogation and being locked in a subway with a woman in labour.

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Fredrick manages to convince Sharon to head to the hospital and Jake gets to meet 14-pound baby Ava!

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