Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: The Mattress

We love ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘ and season 3 has been full of surprises hasn’t it?


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for S3 E7.

Peraltiago were given their first case as a couple this week. But Captain Holt didn’t really want Jake and Amy to work together, in case they had a fight or any relationship problems.


However that all changed when Amy started to complain about sleeping on Jake’s mattress. And it quickly escalated into their work life and affected the case. While fighting in a hotel they blew their cover and a perp realised that he was being watched. So afterwards Jake finally agreed to get a new mattress.

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Meanwhile Charles managed to cause a bit of damage to Captain Holt’s car and he confided in Gina. And we all know Gina gives the best advice.

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Gina told Charles to be honest with Captain Holt, thinking that he wouldn’t take the news too badly.


But Captain Holt was actually fuming and told them that the car was a family heirloom. He was also very specific about the colour of his car…

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But it’s okay because Gina taught Captain Holt a very important lesson about his arrogance, with a cupcake.

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Rosa somehow managed to become a part of the Big Brother Big Sister project and she mentored a “little brother”. Terry definitely had something to say about it.

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Terry was quick to give Rosa a life lesson, because Terry is very wise. And we all know Terry loves wisdom. He even brought up Rosa’s dark past as a ballet dancer.

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