One Direction, Union J and Stereo Kicks: Who is The Best Styled Boyband?

Here at Maximum Pop!, we love our boybands and just like you, we’ve noticed that some of them are quite similarly styled. So it’s time to get to the real.

We’ve had Little Mix, Neon Jungle and Fifth Harmony face-off in the Fiercest Girl Band of 2014 award – now let’s see One Direction, Union J and Stereo Kicks go head to head in the style category.

Let the scoring begin! How will your faves fare?


Round 1: The Maddest Hatter

Some boys think it’s standard to accessorise with rings, necklaces and bracelets. Others take it to another level and crown their heads with only the best. Which group has the best hat-wearer?

Harry Styles fedora

Harry Styles‘ fedora game is strong. It sees no competition. 4/5

George Shelley hat

George Shelley‘s polygamous hat wearing is on a whole other level. Caps, beanies and even cute fluffy creations like this – he can pull it off. 5/5

Stereo Kicks no hat

Eight members in Stereo Kicks and not a single hat to be found. This is a let down but they do have amazing hair, so we see why hats haven’t been a priority. 0/5

Round 2: Knit-Wits!

Baby, it’s cold outside and we need some lovely wintery fashion to keep us warm. Which boyband has the best (and perhaps, cuddliest) knitwear style?

Niall Horan xmas jumper

Niall Horan is an obvious candidate to represent 1D in the jumper category and he doesn’t disappoint. I mean, he’s even got a co-joined one with three other celebs! 5/5

Union J christmas jumper

Ugh. How do you even choose one when all four in Union J are equally forthcoming with their knitwear? We want to see them go all out and take it even further so it’s just a 2/5 this time.

Tom Mann Stereo Kicks

Tom Mann from Stereo Kicks is not only looking nice and cuddly in this red jumper, he is also testing its cuddliness on Barclay. 4/5

Round 3: Denim Man of the Year

Denim jackets, denim shirts and jeans – we’d rather you never step out in all three at once but these boyband members do denim so well, we might bend the rules.

Louis Tomlinson denim jacket

There isn’t a member in 1D who cannot rock denim but damn, does Louis Tomlinson love that denim bomber jacket. He’s been snapped in it several times and it doesn’t get old. 3/5

JJ Hamblett denim

Excuse me JJ, what are you doing to us here? Oxygen depleting. 4/5

James Stereo Kicks

James Graham is technically double-deniming it here but he’s so slick about not matching the colours. 3/5

BONUS ROUND: The Delevingne Award for Best Eyebrows

Great style requires great eyebrows. Every boyband ought to have one member who’s doing it well.

Zayn Malik eyebrows

Zayn Malik and his bushy, manly brows almost upstage his beautiful face on the daily. It’s a curse but we’ll award it 5/5

Josh Cuthbert eyebrows

They don’t come more pronounced and ruler-straight than Josh Cuthbert‘s brows. 5/5

Charlie Jones Stereo Kicks

As you can see – Stereo Kicks’ fresh-faced member, Charlie Jones, is throwing the right shapes. 4/5

So newcomer boyband Stereo Kicks scored 11 in total, Union J scored 16 which puts them super close to our winner… ONE DIRECTION! Congratulations, you scored 17/20 in our Best Styled Boyband game.

One Direction cheering

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