Little Mix, Neon Jungle and Fifth Harmony: Who’s The Fiercest Girl Band of 2014?

2014 has been a dynamite year for girl power.

So let’s take a look at three of our favourite girl groups of the moment and see who owned it this year: Little Mix, Neon Jungle or Fifth Harmony?

Gia Gunn says yas

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fiercest of them all?

Round 1: Fiercest moves in a music video

We’re giving snaps for on-point hair flicks, wind machine moments, struts, poses and pouts.

Little Mix

Leigh-Ann Salute

Salute‘: We are living for the poses, choreography and oh, props for working the props too. Well played, ladies. – 4/5 snaps

Neon Jungle

Amira Louder

Louder‘: We love the wind machine and intensity these girls are serving. Snaps for drama! – 3/5 snaps

Fifth Harmony

5h fierce

Bo$$‘: Strutting down the catwalk, rocking the wind machine, and on-point poses galore. Tyra Banks would give all the snaps. – 5/5 snaps

Round 2: Bossiest photoshoot

Stroll down the runway, another pay day… cover of magazines. We’re giving snaps for the hottest photoshoots this year.

Little Mix in Fabulous Magazine

Little Mix fabulous magazine

Mysterious, grown woman chic. See their individual covers. – 4/5 snaps

Neon Jungle in You Magazine

Neon Jungle You Magazine

Eclectic street style chic. See more on Victoria Adamson’s blog. – 3/5 snaps

Fifth Harmony in YRB Magazine

5h yrb

Sophisticated ladies chic. See more from the shoot. – 4/5 snaps

Round 3: Sassiest lyrics

Little Mix ‘A Different Beat’:

‘I might be young but I know my mind. I’m sick of being told what’s wrong or right. So give it up!’ – 5/5 snaps

Neon Jungle ‘Future X Girl’:

‘These boys can’t step to this, so just take a seat ’cause I’m that bitch! They try to run with us, these boys be eating all my dust. Only fly guys can come with us!’ – 5/5 snaps

Fifth Harmony ‘Them Girls Be Like’:

‘We ain’t like them girls that do too much. If you thirsty, you can’t sit with us!’ – 5/5 snaps

It was a close battle but CONGRATS FIFTH HARMONY: our fiercest girl band of 2014! You scored 14 out of 15. Get it, girls!

Adele snaps

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