13 music buys from YOUR fave popstars that have made merch history!

You’ll want all of it.

We can’t get enough of band merch. Honestly, it’s sorta getting out of hand. Our wishlist has reached crazy lengths and you don’t even wanna know how bleak our bank accounts look thanks to the Little Mix tees we just splurged on.

But you know what we’re like, we’re major fangirls and we regret absolutely nothing!

So why do we spend sooooooooo much money on merch? Well, you don’t need us to tell you! But, we will anyway… just because.

Obvs, what our Mums and people out of the fandom don’t get is that merch brings us all together. It’s a great way to support the bands and artists you love.

Plus, how many new friends have you met after seeing someone wear one of your fave musicians tees? A lot – we bet!

Also a lot of the time, merch makes history! Not the boring stuff you learn about in school, but the really cool kind – like fashion trends and the moment your fave boyband was a five-piece, not a four-piece… *coughs* One Direction.

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So with that in mind, the team have decided to take a trip down memory lane and hunt down some pieces of merch that have made history in their own unique way.

1. Old 1D tees

Old One Directions tees have obviously made our list. Look how young they all are?  Oh how the boys have grown!

2. One Direction record players

1D are also one of the few bands that have had all kinds of merch released – from makeup to jewellery to mugs to seriously cool record players!

We don’t want to go all Dad on you, but we’re assuming this is what Beatlemania was like.

3. Ariana’s Dad caps

Speaking of your old man, Ariana is selling Dad caps!

They may be called Dangerous Tour hats, but let’s face it, they’re headwear that your Dad would have worn on holiday five years ago.

The funny this is, we’re not completely repulsed by them. Caps are cool again and we’re totally into it.

4. All Time Low’s rubber bracelets

Ahhhhhh nostalgia!

Any ’00s emo kid will know what a BIG DEAL these rubber band bracelets were.

We’d stack ’em up to our elbows and they’d feature the names and logos of all our fave bands; All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco! and soooooo many more.

5. Justin Bieber’s posh as band tees

Biebs has a whole line of merch in Selfridges. Seriously, you can snap up tees like this in there now!

It’s posh as and makes you wonder what other luxury store collabs will happen in the future. Will we see a fancy range of 1D teapots in Harrods? We hope so, for the lols alone.

6. Lady Gaga’s sweaters

It’s merch that doesn’t look like merch.


Lady Gaga, you’re a goddess.

7. Britney’s ‘Oops I Did It Again’ t-shirt

Britney Spear’s ‘Oops I Did It Again’ tour was in 2001. 16 years later and clothing companies are still selling the t-shirt.

Yaaaaaaaaas, what an icon!

8. Zayn’s ‘metal’ tee

Despite being part of one of the world’s biggest pop groups, Zayn’s tour merch looks like it belongs to a rock or metal band.

It’s completely badass and we love it.

9. TOP’s ‘Blurryface’ tee

TOP are one of the biggest bands on the planet right now. Obvs, we had to include their ‘Blurryface’ tee to our list. After all, you’ll be remembering their logo for years to come.

10. The 1975’s leather jackets

We’re obsessed with The 1975’s leather jackets. They sold ’em in pop-up stores towards the end of last year and, personally, we’d like to see all our fave artists sell more leather items.

Ugh, how cool would an Ariana jacket look!?

11. Melanie Martinez’s buys

Melanie Martinez’s merch is weird and wonderful – we love her for it.

Merch is supposed to be creative, after all, and tbh we just want ALL of hers.

12. Anything Little Mix

They’re one of the biggest girl groups to come out the UK. Naturally they’ve made our list.

13. 5SOS friendship bracelets

Although we were rocking those totally emo rubber bracelets back in the ’00s, nowadays it’s all about super pretty friendship bracelets.

One of our personal “MUST BUY NOW!!!!!” items is this cute 5SOS one.

What band merch have you bought recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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