20 things you’ll only know if you spend all your money on Little Mix merch


We love the girls with all our hearts, but being a Little Mix fan can be expensive as. You know the feeling, right?! From tour t-shirts to perfumes to CDs to concert tickets, we’re constantly splurging on new mixer buys, and, to be honest, we’re sooooooo not sorry for that.

They’re worth every god damn penny!

Honestly though, our addiction is kind of getting out of control. Not only have we started buying the girls’ ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ tees in every single colour, because choices, but we’re also hooked on the clothes and makeup they wear on a day-to-day basis.

So much so we even copied Jade’s back to front dress and hunted down Pezza’s EXACT strobing stick. Is this getting creepy? Probably.

Being a die hard fan and spending all your allowance on LM is tough, though. You know as well as we do that the chances are your Mum doesn’t completely get it. And, let’s not even get started on what our Nans think. LOL.

But that’s okay, because we’re here and we DO get it. We really do. In fact, we understand it so much that we’ve rounded up 20 things that only those die hard fans who spend every last penny on Little Mix will know.

Little Mix now have something MASSIVE in common with Camila Cabello and we’re FREAKING THE HELL OUT!

Ever wondered what Little Mix will look like in 2060? We have PICTURES!

WHOA! Is Perrie Edwards PREGNANT with the first ever Little Mix baby?

1. That teeny, tiny bit of panic any time you buy something new


2. Needing the ‘Shout Out To My Ex shirt‘ in ALL colours

We SO can’t deal when one’s in the wash.

3. Dipping into savings for other band merch just to fund your addiction

4. Treating the concert merch line like a mini marathon

Then dashing back as soon as you hear the girls start to perform. OMG.

5. Practising your salute in front of the mirror every morning

Because you just look SO good in all that merch.

6. Asking genuine questions to your Maths teacher about bankruptcy


7. Showing your OMG collection of merch to anyone and everyone

And showing it to EVERYBODY you meet…even that random woman sat next to you on the bus ‘aint escaping.

8. Hunting Etsy for all the best buys when you have all the official merch


9. Not being able to resist anything with the Balegdah meme on it

And attempting Jesy’s Jamaican accent every time you see anything even moderately Jamaican. *hangs head in shame*

10. Obsessively trying to find the highlighter Perrie uses in her *fire emoji* selfies

11. Forcing a man in your life to carry you around on a throne because you’re THAT obsessed with those BRITs costumes

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Shout out to my throne carrier.

12. Spending approximately 5 hours of every day googling Jesy’s outfits

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And then another 5 trying to work out how to afford them.

13. Having to explain to your Nan why Leigh-Anne is your phone wallpaper

No Nan, she’s not my girlfriend…..YET.

14. Walking around in wings to ‘Wings’ and feeling sassy af

Tbf they were made to fly.

15. Telling your Mum you’ll live off pot noodles for a week if she ups your allowance

“….For concert tickets and tote bags AND a really cute Perrie mug I saw on eBay!”

16. Owning approximately 45672 bottles of Wishmaker because it smells SO GOOD

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You actually bathe in the stuff.

17. Buying an extra one just because it’s signed by the girls! OMG!

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Owning something signed counts as three degrees of separation, right?

18. You’re probs seriously debating buying Eastenders merch

*cue dramatic Eastenders music*

19. That and taking your fashion inspo from history books

who wore it best though

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20. You’ve downloaded Perrie’s ‘Bad Boy’ soundbite onto your phone and play it in a load of awkward situations

It NEVER gets boring.

Have you bought any Little Mix merch recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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