ICYMI: Here’s what you missed on the season premiere of Brooklyn Nine Nine

So Brooklyn Nine Nine returned to E4 on Thursday night and it was all kinds of epic and wonderful. Say hello to the new season as we recap the double (old) bill just for you…tumblr_n30zlugcWQ1rc4l8ao1_500

The season premiere picks up right where we left our favourite squad, waiting for their new captain Seth Dozerman to arrive. The new captain is a patronising workaholic who has little to no fun ever. This leaves the squad missing Holt and with ‘Dozerpads’ telling them if they’re working fast enough.tumblr_nvf96e7pgv1tjh8lko1_400tumblr_nvf96e7pgv1tjh8lko2_400tumblr_nvyqr3pRZu1ttig8go1_400Meanwhile over at PR, Holt and Gina are settling into their new department and they hate it. Holt has big eight point plans and Gina has plans for her reality show Linetti, Set, Go but all plans are on hold once Holt’s nemesis Deputy Chief Wuntch gets involved. Instead she’d rather they focus on naming the NYPD’s new pigeon at the precinct Jake and Amy are getting serious. They are trying to keep things ‘light and breezy’, but then this happened…tumblr_nv9o8vRyky1udpyvyo4_r3_250While Jake and Amy are trying to keep their new relationship on the DL they get caught kissing at work by their new captain. Scandalous, right? And this resulted in their problematic captain having a heart attack and dying. It’s all in a days work right?tumblr_nw2icdiRq91uo6pjyo2_250The second episode into season 3 certainly didn’t disappoint, and now the Vulture is running the precinct. Jake and Amy plot to get rid of the Vulture but he quickly catches on. Leaving Jake with a choice to make does he want to keep his job or Amy? tumblr_nvqsscdDpL1tlco9yo2_250tumblr_nvqsscdDpL1tlco9yo1_250Elsewhere Gina and Holt are coming back to visit the Nine Nine for PR related work. Will everyone be happy to see them?tumblr_nvr24490fY1u59ltco2_r1_500At the funeral Charles is planning to hook up with another officer but Rosa and Gina try to talk him out of it. Charles doesn’t listen and he learns his lesson the hard way, as any foodie would…tumblr_nvr1p66aLG1qd5seoo1_250As for Holt he is left bonding with Terry as he tries to write a eulogy for the wake. They share their troubles and have a drink, leaving them in a bit of a state…tumblr_nvr1p66aLG1qd5seoo4_250The funeral clearly went from bad to worse thanks to the antics of the Nine Nine, but they’re a family. And once again Holt saved the day and Jake’s job. How? By offering the Vulture free media coverage of course. tumblr_nvr1p66aLG1qd5seoo9_250What are you looking forward to this season on Brooklyn Nine Nine? Let us know over on Twitter @maximumpop.

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