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Answer these 17 kooky questions about Zalfie correctly and you will earn ETERNAL fandom glory

Only true Zalfie stans can get all of these correct

When you look up the definition of ‘relationship goals’ in the dictionary, a picture of Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes comes up.

Okay…maybe not…BUT everyone here at MP! (and on the internet) agrees that they are.

We live for their Twitter banter and all of their Insta pics together. Not to mention, we literally turn into the ultimate fangirl each time they post a collab together.

They are just TOO adorable for words.

Did Zalfie just admit they’re getting MARRIED?!

People actually think THIS means there’s a Zalfie baby on the way and it’s making us super excited

See how well you really know Zalfie by correctly answering these 17 kooky questions about them (and their relationship). If you get them all right, you WILL earn eternal fandom glory, we promise.

Be sure to share your results with us down below and tell us your fave Zalfie fact!

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