MP! Exclusive: This thrill-master of an author thinks that this POPSTAR should star in the book’s film

They’d be perfect in this film!

Crikey! Our favourite popstars’ CVs sure do put ours to shame, don’t they?

Not only are they winning awards left, right and centre for their absolute pop belters, but they’re also delving into the worlds of acting, modelling, writing and, even, activism – what bosses!

Recently we’ve been thinking about which popstars would star in a film adaption of a summer read that we’ve been talking about non-stop on the site.

The book’s called ‘After The Fire’ and if you only pick-up one novel this year, make sure it’s this one.

‘After The Fire’ is written by the thrill-master himself, Will Hill. It’s an absolute page-turner and we think it needs to be turned into a film pronto.

The story follows Moonbeam and her life in a fenced-off community that’s led by a corrupted leader called Father John – it’s as dark and sinister as it sounds and is loosely based on the massacre that took place during The Waco siege in 1995.

But who would star in an on-screen adaption of the book? Well, we decided to ask Will, himself. After all he knows these characters better than anyone.

Oh and spoiler alert: his dream cast includes one of our fave singers. She’s not like ‘Most Girls’ and, has teached us the importance of loving yourself… You know who we’re talking about.

This is Will Hill’s dream cast for an ‘After The Fire’ movie.

Moonbeam – Hailee Steinfeld

Will: Moonbeam is the heart of ‘After The Fire’. The entire novel is told from her POV, and we see the world of the story exclusively through her eyes – so whoever played her would be in almost every scene.

She’s the character I’m most proud of – she’s brave, and smart, and more resilient than she realises, even after everything that has happened to her – and I’m fiercely protective of her.

It would take someone amazing to do her justice. Luckily, Hailee Steinfeld was brilliant in ‘True Grit’, brilliant in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, and even more brilliant in ‘The Edge Of Seventeen’.

Honey – Amandla Stenberg

Will: Honey needs to radiate intelligence and self-sufficiency, despite the terrible things she’s seen and endured throughout her childhood at the Base (the compound where the story is set). She’s cleverer than even Moonbeam realises, and more than capable of looking after herself and the people she cares about.

Amandla Stenberg was scene-stealingly good in the first ‘Hunger Games’, and if the rumours about her starring in the adaptation of ‘The Hate U Give’ are true, I’ll be there on opening day.

Luke – Ansel Elgort

Will: Maybe the most difficult character in the novel to play – broken almost beyond repair, and full of zealous faith in the cult he was raised in. Ansel Elgort was fantastic in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, and it would be great to see him take on something darker (the amazing-looking ‘Baby Driver’ looks like it’s going to be a departure for him, if the trailer is anything to go by) – I’m sure he would be amazing as Luke, who often shifts from calm and seemingly in control to terrifyingly unhinged in the space of a single scene.

Nate – Chris Hemsworth

Will: Arguably Moonbeam’s closest friend inside the cult she has grown up in, and the subject of a crush that she knows is destined to go unrequited. Hemsworth is (undeniably, objectively) hot, has shown huge charm and humour in the ‘Thor’ and ‘The Avengers’ movies, and has tackled more serious parts in ‘In The Heart Of the Sea’ and ‘Blackhat’. He would be perfect as Nate.

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Father John – Matthew McConaughey

Will: Possibly the most vital part in the whole movie. As the leader of the cult that is central to ‘After The Fire’, whoever played Father John would need to have enormous charisma as well as the cruelty and the arrogance to use his followers’ faith in him to his advantage – if you didn’t believe in him, the whole movie would fall apart.

Matthew McConaughey always had the charm, but his performances in ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Killer Joe’ demonstrated that he’s more than capable of going dark. And – as an extra bonus – he’s from Texas, where ‘After The Fire’ is set.

Moonbeam’s Mother – Amy Adams

Will: This is a complicated, difficult character – a woman struggling with her own decisions and terrified of a future she can’t control, as much as she wants to – and it would take a fantastic actress to portray her.

Amy Adams has basically been brilliant in everything (especially ‘Enchanted’ and ‘Arrival’) and has already played the wife of a cult leader in ‘The Master’ – it would be great to see her take on the other side of the coin.

Agent Carlyle – Idris Elba

Will: Firstly, there are very few things that wouldn’t be better if they had Idris Elba in them. Secondly, I can’t think of anyone who Moonbeam would feel better about having on her side as she tries to make it through the days and weeks after the fire that burns down her whole world.

Agent Carlyle is intimidating and no-nonsense, but also kind and generous, with emotions that are never far below the surface. I can’t think of anyone better to play him.

Doctor Hernandez – Diego Luna

Will: I loved Diego Luna in ‘Rogue One’, and he was who I was picturing as I wrote Doctor Hernandez. He might be a tiny bit too handsome, but this is the movies, so I’m going with it. More importantly, he’s a fantastic actor, and he’d need to be – Doctor Hernandez is vital to Moonbeam’s story, acting as both her guide through the trauma she has suffered and her protector against the authorities who want to know what really happened during the fire…

Wanna find out more about ‘After The Fire’ by Will Hill? Of course you do! You can buy a copy for yourself by clicking here .

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