9 facts about teen homelessness that will shock the stuffing out of you

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Homelessness is real. It’s still a worldwide issue, and as much present on our own UK streets as anywhere else. And you might be shocked by the numbers of young people included in the high volume of individuals without a place to call home.

In Sarah Carroll’s fab new book ‘The Girl In Between’ the protagonist seeks refuge with her ma in an abandoned mill. It’s safe. A dream. But not for long.

Here’s some facts about homeless youth that might help you see it more clearly:

1. It’s practically impossible to find 100% accurate numbers because there’s no way to record every single homeless youth. But there are over 35000 homeless young people in using sheltered or specially created accommodation at any one time.

2. Homelessness is not simply living rough on the streets or somewhere outside. It also include sofa-surfing and staying in hostels.

3. According to Shelter, 57% of of young people assisted by the Centrepoint service are from BAME origin.

4. Young people who have to share a room by the age of 12 are three times more likely to become homeless.

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5. 40% of rural districts have no emergency accommodation at all for young people and 70% of rural local authorities use bed and breakfast accommodation to house young homeless people.

6. Many young homeless people find it incredibly hard to continue studies or to find work due to unstable and inappropriate housing and address history.

7. If you are under 18 the national minimum wage is currently £4.05. If you worked a 40 hour week you would take home roughly £648 a month. If you are by yourself and cannot seek other help through the government benefit system then it’s almost impossible to get by.

8. Young homeless people are more likely to contract infectious diseases, have poor mental health, and generally have a deteriorated state of wellbeing. A study found 70% of young homeless people had been diagnosed with depression or other mental health disorders, or had concerns about their mental health.

9. The 2002 Homelessness Act does state that 16-17 year olds are a priority for housing, if individuals know where to access these services.

To find out more, plus ways you can help, visit the Shelter website or Centrepoint.

Plus, if you want your own copy of ‘The Girl In Between’ by Sarah Carroll then clicky here.

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