8 fitties Harry Styles will look like when he chops off his hair

So we’ve all heard the word on the street that a certain Harry Styles is going to chop off his famous locks for charity. Now we love that H is doing things for charity, it makes us love him more – but we are also completely in love with his long hair.

And we saw a snap that really took us by surprise because it blended so well, a photo of Harry and Susan Boyle.

So to make us feel better about the whole thing we’ve reminded ourselves of some massive hotties that Harry will resemble with his short curly locks.

1. Solange knowles.
solange knowles

2. Any of the Jonas Brothers…Jonas-Brothers-Net-Worth

3.  Adrian Grenierd

4. Bradley Cooper in American Hustle.
bradley cooper

5. N- SYNC Justin Timberlake.justin-curls 6. Adam Brody.3213305-3847686058-Lovel

7. Matty Healymatt-healy-main

8. A poodle pup (not technically a celeb but we’d we happy with one.)451dbfbc3bf8783f9491f531f3e650d9

Let us know if there is anyone you think we’ve missed? Who do you think H will look like after his chop? @maximumpop

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