7 career paths Freddie Tomlinson could take

Freddie Tomlinson is shaping up to be one famous baby, the little lad already has his own bloody website! So we find ourselves thinking, what will little Freddie we doing when he’s a grown up. Will he shape up to be as big of a pop star like his daddy?

Here’s 7 career paths we think Freddie Tomlinson might take…

1. Follow in his dads footstep to pop stardom…

2. Film star.

3. Professional carrot seller…

4. Broadway… Grease like his dad.

5. Doncaster Rover’s player.caa547e02be221b50

6. X Factor Judge.

7. Working in Toys ‘R’ Us. 

What do you think little Freddie will be doing when he’s all grown up? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know!

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