Freddie Tomlinson already has more fans than us. Kid has his own website too. Good week to be 1 week old.

So a year ago we would never have imagined that Daddy Payne of One Direction would have passed his torch over to Mr Tomlinson.tumblr_m4dguvxF9U1rpv0bb

But as we settle into the idea that Louis is in fact an actual dad and all round DILF, it seems that baby Freddie has been welcome into the fan base with open arms.

Freddie, who is no more than a week old appears to already have his website, apaz Louis and Briana purchased the website domain on Wednesday before anyone else could nab it!Screen-Shot-2016-01-29-at-8.59.18-AM-1454075978

This may have been sparked by the Twitter support for baby freddie, the kid already has a million account they have been made for him on there!

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