5 ways to educate yourself about the refugee crisis

Ignorance is NOT bliss

Mid-March saw the 6th anniversary of the war that has seen 5 million Syrians flee and hundreds of thousands of people die. Violence, destruction and children in crisis have pushed children, adults, and families to leave the country and try to make it to Europe to find safety.

The volume of news and rhetoric surrounding us can make it challenging to understand what’s really going on in Syria and how it’s affecting the rest of the world. We’ve got a few places to go where you can find the facts.

1. Pooja Puri’s brilliant debut, ‘The Jungle’.

Set in the Calais Jungle, this is a searing look at the hurt, the hardships and the hope that survives among those fighting for a better life.

When Mico left his home in search of a better life, he didn’t expect to find himself navigating such an inhospitable environment. He doesn’t have the money for the ‘Ghost Men’ to sneak him across the Channel and he’s getting desperate – leaping on the top of a speeding train is starting to look like an option. Then Leila arrives at camp and he begins to hope again.

Treat yourself to a copy. And if you use the code POP20 you’ll get a discount!

2. This excellent video from In a Nutshell gives you all of the details in just over 6 minutes.

3. The BBC put together 7 amazing charts to help explain what’s happening in people, countries and numbers.

If you’re finding it difficult to understand, these charts are perfect for you.

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4. These 7 short documentaries will give you a glimpse into the people affected by the crisis.

5. It can be difficult to figure out a way to help. ‘The Independent’ has got you covered.

Donate to Save the Children here. 

Give us your recommendations for the best places to get the lowdown on what’s really happening.

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