And the winners are… 6 eyebrow-raising reasons why Lilly Singh is a total BAWSE, plus WIN 1 of 5 signed copies

Oh rly? No wai!

Lilly Singh is essentially goals. She IS a Superwoman. There’s no other way to describe her other than “YES QUEEN!”

If you needed more persuading as to WHY she’s a total bawse, then stand by. We’re about to lay down the facts and slay. Plus, if you hang around, we’ll tell you how you can win a SIGNED COPY of ‘How To Be A Bawse’. 

1. She has a combined YouTube following of over 13million subscribers. That’s more signed up to one of her channels than there are people in the country of Belgium. WHAT?!

2. Her content is legit brilliant and funny, but it’s also damn informative. She never shies away from her cultural heritage. Yes lady, yes!

3. She started making videos to help with her depression. And that fact alone has been a beacon of hope and inspiration for so many.

Speaking on this in Teen Vogue:

“I had fun for the first time in so long making this stuff. Talking about really silly things I got my personality back.”

4. So, she has her own Twitter emoji right now…


5. Her “Types Of” videos are literally true. You can’t argue it.

She so right!

6. Unicorn Island is a thing. And you need it. It’s her own clothing brand. And yep, you guessed it, it’s BAWSE!

So basically she’s an absolute legend in the making. Nay, she already IS a legend and a permanent fixture on our fave YouTubers list.

Wanna win her book? Here’s how:

This competition is now closed. The winners are…







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