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5 times One Direction sung about boats and not all of them make sense…

Now that we’ve all had time to sit (and cry) listening to our One Direction albums to keep us sane through the hiatus, it’s started to dawn on us that there are a lot of songs about boats… and being boats… and being on boats. Maybe it’s a coincidence? Maybe its a hidden message? Maybe it’s the hiatus finally getting to us…


This boat obsession started back in the days of ‘Midnight Memories’ when Zayn claimed during ‘Strong’ that his and someone’s hands were “tied up like two ships.” Did it make sense? We’re not entirely sure. Maybe he meant him and Louis…

They gave us a break from the waves until they were all ‘Ready To Run’ and Harry claimed he was “inside a sinking boat, running out of time.” Abandon ship H!


Niall also compared himself to a boat “on the water” in ‘Fool’s Gold’ which is something else we’re not sure we understand.

The band’s obsession with boats came to an all time high when ‘Made In The A.M.’ was released and we got another two songs with boats mentioned. We’re starting to sense a theme!

‘Drag Me Down’ had the H-man confessing that he had a river for a soul and we were the boat. Not sure how we feel about being compared to a boat but we’ll go with it!

Possibly our favourite boat line came from ‘I Want To Write You A Song’ where Liam wants to build us a boat. Aww sweet!

Maybe Louis has never mentioned boats because in 2010 he was told he dressed like he owns a boat, that comment hurt deep clearly!

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