17 things Harry Potter has *definitely* been doing since he defeated Voldemort


Galloping gargoyles! This September will be the exact “19 years later” J.K. Rowling promised us in the ‘Deathly Hallows‘ sequel. UN-BE-LIEVABLE.

Tbf we barely know what to do with ourselves now the series is over, even with all this new merch that keeps popping up.

This got us thinking…. um, what *EXACTLY* has our favourite ‘Boy Who Lived’ been up to in the two decades since we last saw him?

Well, we’ve been stalking Hazza (*cough cough*) and made a totally legit* list of ALL the things he’s been up to since defeating the Dark Lord:

*it’s about as legit as Voldemort’s failed nose job, fyi

1. Having a nice nap

Putting up with Hermione for all of those years has taken its toll.

2. Taking on Ri-Ri in a battle of “who wears robes better?”

how I woke up feeling after my #FENTYxPUMA show last night! my. robe. is. betta. than. yours.

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We know who our winner is.

3. Trying out his makeup skills

4. Starting his rap career

Straight outta Hogwarts: #HipHopHarryPotter is the trend you NEED to see

5. Eating dem nuggets


6. Getting sassy AF on TV

He’s a star now, dont’cha know?

7. Joining the boy scouts

You’re never too old. On second thoughts, maybe you are.

8. Pondering how life would have turned out if Neville had been the chosen one instead

Neville Longbottom got HOT.

9. Fangirling over R-Dizzle

As if one massive scar across his forehead isn’t quite enough.


10. Auditioning for the X Factor

Oh Simon, you don’t know what you’re missing.

11. Penning secret love letters to Benedict Cumberbatch

Well, who wouldn’t?

12. Spending all the cash his parents left him at Sephora

Kat Von D palettes really bring out his mum’s eyes.

13. Starting up his own dog-minding business

14. Seeing how many custard creams he can fit in his mouth at once

There’s no spell for winning that challenge…yet.

15. Binge watching ‘Stranger Things

When Eggo IS life.

16. Learning every element in the Periodic Table

True story.

17. Taking up French

Oui oui hon hon la wizarding baguette.

What other weird and wonderful things can you imagine middle-age Harry taking up? Let us know in the comments!

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