11 struggles you’ll only understand if you’re vegan

Happy #WorldVeganDay! A lot of people have got some serious beef with today’s event (SMH), but we don’t think they realise the struggles that come with an animal-product-free lifestyle.


We’ve rounded up 11 struggles that you’ll only understand if you’re vegan. Can you relate? Let us know if you have any of your own to add in the comments below.

1. Halloween is tougher than you would think

2. Sometimes you love animals a little too much for your own good

3. Shopping puts you in some seriously tricky dilemmas

4. You’re constantly having to explain yourself to idiots

5. You get asked this question at least 100 times a day

6. To which the answer is most likely LOTS of bananas

7. You can’t trust anyone to cook for you

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8. Nobody has any sympathy for you when you’re ill

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9. Sarcasm frequently becomes your best friend

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10. You had to accept pretty quickly that your options at restaurants are extremely limited

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11. But despite everything, the hardest struggle of them all will always be this


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