SO many people have beef with #WorldVeganDay, and we are NOT impressed

It’s #WorldVeganDay! Yay! There’s so much to celebrate about a day like this, but naturally, the internet has to take it and turn it into something shady. And we’re here to say that we SEE YOU bacon trolls and we DO NOT condone your actions.


Whether you’re an honest-to-goodness vegan or a happy meat eater, do you really have ANY say over what someone else wants to put in their mouths? 

What does it mean to be vegan? In case you’re new to the concept, or a little unsure, it basically means a person who does not eat or use any product that has come from an animal.


In layman’s terms, it’s the boss level above vegetarianism. And for thousands of people it’s a serious way of life. A way of being. A belief system that forms part of their identity.

When someone says “I’m a vegan, please respect my beliefs” is it really any different than saying “I’m a Christian, please respect my beliefs”?


Depending on your school of thought, things like religion, gender, feminism, activism are all cultural constructs. We make CHOICES about who we are and what we stand for.

Your dietary decisions are the same, fam. YOU make the informed decision to eat meat, or not to eat meat. And there are way more than just one reason why you might do one or the other.


So why hate on people who have made a choice to live a vegan life? It’s hurtful and it’s ignorant. You wouldn’t do the same to someone celebrating Diwali or Samhain.

It can sometimes even be quite passive aggressive, but does that make it any less offensive?

Are there any grounds for long term meat eaters to be getting so salty? There does seem to be a mindset that vegans and vegetarians are on a crusade to make meat lovers feel bad:

The correct answer to the above is “no one”. Because it’s not wrong. It’s a CHOICE. And neither side of the fence should be made to feel like they’re doing something bad:

ENOUGH WITH THE BACON THO, GUYS! It’s not the best example if you’re gonna talk health benefits.

Messages that make you think, without pointing a finger are, in our opinion, the way to go:

But how do you feel about this behaviour on #WorldVeganDay? Do the meat eaters take it too far? Do you think the shock tactics used by PETA actually help? Tell us in the comments.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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