10 times Dua Lipa was hotter than hell, including when she went cereal shopping and needed to pee

We call her the devil and she makes us want to sin. Dua Lipa is pop’s newest sensation and she’s a firey hot diva with a dark side, which we LOVE.

We recently chatted to Dua in an interview where she revealed that Cruella De Vil is her style inspiration, which you can read here, but we needed more. More Dua. More hot. More hell. So we took to the internet to find ten times when she burnt up the stratosphere.

1) When she woke up craving glitter

Girl, no need to tell us the story of our lives.

2) If only we looked like this when we were going food shopping.

Who looks this hot in the cereal aisle, like seriously?

3) When she knew what she wanted and she wanted what she knew.

4) When she stole Juliet’s nipple.

She had it coming.

5) When she had to pee.

Desperately needing to pee pt.2

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6) When she needed to pee… again!

Desperately needing to pee

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7) When she just helicoptered everywhere ‘cos that’s what Dua does.


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8) When she made bagels hotter than hell.

We’d have cream all down our chin and be wearing sweatpants.

all I ever think about is bagels

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9) When was all about the lipa.

Talk about living up to your name.

10) When she was the realest it gets.


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Dua Lipa’s new single ‘Hotter than Hell’ will be everything to everyone very shortly. It’s currently at No.18 in the UK and climbing. Expect big things from this woman. She’s hotter than hell. We proved that. Tweet us @maximumpop if you agree.

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