We had a look at some Ziam fan art and let us tell you, we were blown away by the sheer amazingness

It’s no secret that the One Direction fandom is home to some really talented people and we are so here to appreciate the amazing Ziam fan art people have been creating.


Get ready to be blown away:

tumblr_nlbdgcg6nO1s6fydzo1_1280Created by

tumblr_npw0hecMJN1unyhjwo1_1280Created by

tumblr_nlvetgblIw1r0rdb1o1_500Created by

tumblr_nao7oaMJvm1tp8siio1_500 Created by

tumblr_nzmfwo6SLJ1uytqyfo1_r1_500Created by

tumblr_nk6xyyluGk1rvjywbo1_500Created by

tumblr_n0ljxzifQp1t1d8zto1_500Created by

tumblr_nlhhbnHg881t229yho1_r3_500Created by

tumblr_mkjdv2epHF1s5yur9o1_500Created by

How amazing are these? We think you should definitely give the artists some love, they definitely deserve it. And we’re so very sorry that we couldn’t post all of the art we saw, but that would be too much for one post.

Disclaimer: All of the artists are link below, if one of these is your work and you want us to delete it from the post please let us know.

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