Zayn Malik is a big fan of 1D’s ‘History’ music video… Can someone please pass us some tissues?

So Zayn just released his very first music video recently featuring our women crush, Gigi Hadid.


And as you can see, his own music video is heading to a complete different direction (lol) compared to the last music video he was featured in.

However, he reckons he’s a big fan of 1D’s ‘History’ music video because he likes how nostalgic it makes him feel.

Excuse us, while we go and ball our eyes out in a corner…


Speaking to Zack Sang & the gang  Zayn commented on the video, saying: “I’ve seen the music video, it’s cool. Yeah it was cool. I liked the fact they were nostalgic, shall we say, about the memories that we shared together, it was a positive thing. I enjoyed it, it was nice to look back at the memories we shared together.”


If you’ve missed the interview, you can check it out right here…

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