Zayn Malik basically SLAYS the world of gossip with his tweet about cheating rumours. ALL HAIL THE KING.

Being in the biggest boyband on the planet comes with a lot of pros and cons. A big con being that tons and tons of rumours are made up as people watch your every move and make assumptions. Sometimes you ignore it and other times, you whoop ass over it. Zayn did the latter last night.

Rumours of Maliko cheating on Perrie floated around the interwebs for the past 48 hours as the Bradford babe was papped holding another woman’s hand. GASP. SURELY NOT?! CLEARLY HAND HOLDING MEANS YOU’RE CHEATING RIGHT?! Uh, not really. Having cheating rumours spread about him before, Zayn decided to take to Twitter and put that bitch to bed.

YOU TELL THEM, BABE. We’re right by your side. We think it’s crappy that people try and nestle into relationships which aren’t theirs and totes respect their privacy. Although we will admit, any public PDA by Zerrie is cute AF and we think they’re adorable together.


JUST LOOK AT THEM. They are goals in life. We feel emotional now.

What do you think?

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