ICYMI: Zalfie reveal just how long they’ve been together and you’ll be surprised

As a part of the Zalfie fandom, we have completely lost our cool. Last night Zoella and her YouTuber boyfriend, Pointlessblog (otherwise known as Alfie Deyes) uploaded two videos together. The fact that Zoe’s video saw us finally get the long anticipated ‘Boyfriend Tag‘ was enough for our hearts to implode and all the “aw cute”s to rise to the tip of our tongue. There was also that horrible, impending feeling of “oh god, why am I so alone?” but never mind about that.


Anyway, turns out we got far more than we bargained for, because we finally found out how long these two lovebirds have been together and it was long before that Valentine’s Day vid they did together.

Let us take you back to early 2013 when Zoe and Alfie collaborated together to give us some lovey-dovey themed videos in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Both videos see the pair denying being a fully-fledged, actual power couple. Zoe even goes so far as to say, “We’d be disgusting together.” Uh, agree to disagree, Zo? Because we think they are actual couple goals now.

In Zoella’s recent video, however, the couple are faced with the question of how long they’ve been together. The two of them admit they’re pretty awful at celebrating anniversaries, mainly because they’re super busy being absolute internet babes. When Alfie starts to try and calculate it properly, though, we see him count the months from October 2012. Excuse us, but those Valentine’s Day inspired videos went up in February 2013!


To be fair, we have to respect that they weren’t ready to tell us yet, although it’s pretty hilarious to look back with hindsight at all the times they tried really hard to keep it from us. We’re glad they’ve been so willing to share their adorable relationship with us since, though — it honestly gives us life and fills the empty void in our hearts.


Alfie also posted a pretty spectacular video on his own channel of him and Zoe doing a spot of couples yoga, so if all that Zalfie just wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry — there’s more!

Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know what you think about all of this. These guys are honestly the best giving us so much so our fandom can thrive. We are eternally grateful.

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