MP! Quiz Sheet: Yes Lad talk new single ‘Walk Away’ and reveal what they’re secretly scared of


Stop what you’re doing, everyone! We may have just found your new favourite band. You ready?!

Meet, Yes Lad – yep, you guys probably already know them from ‘The X Factor’.

But, we’re gonna give you all the deets, anyway.

They’re an up-and-coming five piece from Manchester who perform total pop-belters that will have you dancing for days.

See? Told you, they were good.

We recently caught up with the lads to discuss all things, Yes Lad.

Cian, Joel, Sonny, Lewis and Jake dished on where the group’s name came from. They also revealed some of their biggest fears and secret obsessions. Enjoy!

Hi Lads! So, what’s the first thing people need to know about Yes Lad?

Cian: We are all normal lads, who are serious about the music, but don’t take ourselves seriously. By that I mean we don’t think we’re the best thing since sliced bread! We just love what we do and we want to bring a bit of northern charm to the charts.

Sounds great! So where did the group’s name come from?

Joel: The name came from a greeting – it’s how we greet our mates, it’s a fun name. We suppose with Yes Lad – you either love or hate it. It’s not a typical band name and we thought we’d go for something different. Everyone would understand the saying from wherever they’re from.

Tell us the story behind your debut single ‘Walk Away’?

Cian: ‘Walk Away’ was the very first song we wrote when we went into the studios to record the album. We wanted to write a teen love song that had a bit of an edge both lyrically and musically.

Which word describes your individual personalities the best?

Manager, Nigel: Cian is assured, Joel is a charmer, Jake is slick, Lewis is funny and Sonny is adorable.

So.. who spends the longest in the bathroom getting ready?


Which member of the band is the most disgusting?

Joel – unanimous decision!

Do you consider yourself a boyband?

Cian: We just see ourselves as a group of boys, doing music, enjoying it and having fun. We are a boy band in that we are in a band and we are all boys, but we write our own songs and we don’t sit on stools and croon sweet ballads.

What is the name of your fandom?

Lads Army

What’s one fact about each of you that your fans won’t know?

Joel is scared of butterflies. Jake has an obsession with Louis Vuitton heels. Sonny can wiggle his ears. Cian is colour blind. Lewis has an obsession with trampoline parks but he has never been to one.

Nice one – thanks, lads! You can catch Yes Lad on tour this July. For details head to their website.

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