And the winners are…Monday’s Comp of the Day: Win SIGNED copies of Stephanie Wahlstrom’s ‘The Accidental New Yorker’.

Congrats to eksangha, dillydondallie, sweetpeas01, dianemjackson5 and savvy69er!

Books are most definitely a quick way to win the love of everyone at Team MP! Get us hooked on a quirky, sassy and funny story and you’ll have our attention for hours. That’s exactly what Stephanie Wahlstrom did with her novel ‘The Accidental New Yorker’.


‘The Accidental New Yorker’ follows Paige Crawford, a former accidental socialite, who managed to shed her Z-list celebrity status and pull her life into a semblance of normalcy. But more importantly, she’s close to proving to her family and herself that she can make it on her own.

That is, until she’s laid off from her job and left with no choice but to leave London behind for good.

She hops on a plane headed home to Canada, only to decide to give herself one more chance to make it before hers becomes a life of “I told you so’s.” So instead of walking onto her connecting flight, she leaves JFK Airport and steps into the wilds of New York City, where she soon learns her misadventures have only just begun.

And while she juggles writing a popular blog, locating a missing male model, and a sexy new boss who reminds her a little too much of home, Paige is about to learn that “making it” has nothing to do with where you end up, but everything to do with how you get there.

We’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Stephanie to give away FIVE signed copies. Brace yourselves. There’s only FIVE of these in the ENTIRE world, as it’s currently only a digital release, we’ve had some books made especially for you.


Wanna win?

Follow the instructions below and if you’re nice, we’ll let you have one.

For more information on Stephanie’s releases click here.

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